Paul and Anitha Ebenezer

Asia, India

India Christian Fellowship

“OUR VISION” 29 Churches in 29 States in India.
5 Churches have been built. Join with us to build 24 more.

At ICF, we are passionately committed to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to making Him known in this world in an ever-increasing measure. We are a non-denominational fellowship associating with all who are in the body of Christ. May God bless you as we worship and grow in Him together.

About The Founder

By the Grace of God, Brother Paul Ebanezar John, the founder of ICF, was born and brought up in a Christian family in Tamilnadu, South India. Paul, an only child, lost his father when he was two and half years old. Paul’s mother was just nineteen at the time. She never remarried primarily due to her devotion to raising her son. After the passing of his father, Paul and his mother moved to his grandmother’s house three hundred miles away. Paul’s grandmother then took the primary role in raising Paul, while Paul’s mother provided money for the family by working at a tailoring shop. Through God’s Grace and his mother’s hard work, Paul was able to attend college. Paul’s mother had dedicated him for the Lord’s work while he was still in her womb; but while he was growing up, he didn’t want to do full-time Ministry. He wanted to support the ministry by donating money but then he realized God wanted his whole life, not just his money. Paul then attended Bible college in Bangalore after receiving his Master’s Degree in secular studies in 2003. When he finished Bible college in 2004, he became involved in an organization as a full time gospel worker focused on media outreach. In 2009 he married Anitha from Kerala, South India, the daughter of Pastor Christudas. God then blessed them with a beautiful son named Joel. In 2011 Paul started his own ministry in Kerala. God helped them to reconstruct Bethel Gospel Mission Church. God then answered Paul’s prayer for a van and equipment for sharing the gospel to remote villages via a film outreach. By the Grace of God and through the help of the sponsors of ICF God enabled Paul to build 4 more Churches in 4 different States in India. Please join with the vision to build 24 more Churches in 24 States in India. Brother Paul has been serving the Lord with diligence for the past sixteen years. Please visit the Gallery for the pictures. God bless you.