Audren and Lucie-Ann Cheron

Europe, France

Who are we and what do we do?

We are Audren and Lucianna Cheron, married since 2015, we have 2 children; one is 3 years old and the second is 8 months old. We love life and share it in a concrete way. Our heart is broken for the orphans (natural and spiritual) and our message is to encourage and give hope to the young people all over French-speaking world.

We share the gospel through medias and social media (Fb, Instagram, Youtube, etc), with videos and podcast in french.

We go in conferences, television, weddings, churches, recreation centers, schools, houses, hospitals, streets, youth group, christians org. like YWAM, FGBMFI, Healing For the Nations and other, to witness how our lives have been transformed by Love.

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